We deliver websites and e-communications that energize and reinforce your identity by integrating three disciplines: creative graphic design, sound technology, and compelling copywriting. The synergy of these elements generates a powerful medium that is visually compelling, brand sensitive and programmed for optimum performance.

Our Web Design Process

Meeting / Interview
Meet with the owner of White Ivy to assess your website needs, goals and expectations.

Client Survey
By filling out a simple survey about your goals or business, White Ivy’s team will use this as a reference throughout the process.

Domain Registration and Hosting
Depending on your needs, White Ivy’s development team will assist you in setting up your domain and hosting package.

SEO Keyword Analysis
Search Engine Optimization is the beginning of our website design process. Our website developers will research and analyze your business and competing sites.

SEO Keywords, Phrases and Text Content
You will work with our team to complete your list of keywords and phrases. White Ivy will educate you on how we will use your text content throughout the website.

Text Content
Using your keywords and phrases, either you or the White Ivy team will create the initial text content and proof it.

Photo and Image Content
White Ivy website designers will assist you in gathering images and graphics for your site.

Website Design
Our creative website designers will provide you with a mockup of your website image using your logo, color preferences, graphics, photos and text content.

Website Development
Our website developers will program your new website using organic search engine optimization.

Website Publishing
Once the site is approved by you, we will set the site live.