Billboards & Outdoor Advertising
Most of you are probably too young to remember the Burma-Shave series of roadside signs that catapulted a little-known brushless shaving cream into the #2 spot in the nation. It all started in Minneapolis, MN in 1925 with a simple verse spread across six signs equally spaced along popular routes. With travelers anxiously awaiting the punch-lines for the clever slogans, billboard advertising was here to stay.

Outdoor marketing is one of the most cost-efficient forms of advertising on the market. They offer flexibility in design, messaging and location. When deciding on a billboard, mobile bus banner or signs at sporting events, content and positioning are the key factors in capturing the attention of your target audience.

Magazine and newspaper ads offer the ability to target a specific audience based on geography or common interests. If you are targeting a slightly older, more educated demographic, newspapers can make a lot of sense. It’s a physical piece that can give details, prices, offers and contact information all in one small space that can easily be clipped and saved. A good design and use of artwork, photographs and color can make yours stand out. If you want to get your message out into the hands of a large number of people rather quickly, newspapers and magazines can be a very cost effective way to go.

Radio & TV
Radio advertising can be a valuable way to target a large group of people based on location or similar tastes—and radio stations have loyal listeners. It’s extremely cost-effective since most commercials only involve sound effects and vocals, and can be produced in a short amount of time.

TV ads are a popular way to mass-market messages to large audiences. Your message has the ability to reach a high number of potential buyers with sight, sound and motion. Because of the cost and sheer number of television advertisements, creativity and content are critical and need to stand out and is best left to professionals.

What’s Best?
There is no “best” type of marketing. Your best type depends on your particular type business, your target market and your overall goals. The best marketing campaigns usually include several forms of media for maximum exposure.

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