We’re presenting a three-part series focusing on how some “old school” marketing methods still give you the best bang for your buck.

#2—Word of Mouth
Long before there was the written word, messages were spread by word of mouth. Still today it is one of the most trusted and reliable forms of communication. Even though social media outlets have brought word of mouth to another dimension, a recent study reported that nearly 75 percent of brand conversations happen face-to-face, while only 10 percent took place online.

It’s true that today’s online communication forums are basically just electronic word of mouth; however, it’s easy to delete an Email, skip over a Facebook post or glance at a Tweet. Try ignoring someone who is physically in front of you vying for your attention. Putting a face to a name makes it personal and, in turn, makes it much harder to ignore. Get out amongst the masses and tell your story in person…people will listen!

Exploring the new doesn’t mean tossing out the old…you need to strike a balance. Growing your social media following is a smart marketing decision, but don’t forget the importance and cost-effectiveness of good old palm-pressing, face-to-face communication.

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