The press release was long considered the workhorse of public relations; now smart marketers are breathing new life into this marketing tool.

It used to be that tightly formatted press releases distributed a company’s story to the media. The hope was that these releases would catch the attention of a journalist and spark a mention or interview.

While businesses still pump these documents out, they no longer impact the media the way they used to. However, smart marketers have breathed new life into the press release and use it in a way to communicate directly with prospects as well as journalists.

Most journalists will tell you they go online when researching story ideas and looking for sources to interview and quote. Creating press releases with an eye on search engine optimization has become a powerful way to get your story told while enhancing your company’s overall web presence.

The trick to employing the press release as a search engine tool is to focus on creating quality content that features basic optimization techniques. A press release that focuses on your companies’ primary keyword phases can often bring page one search results for very little cost.

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